beyond the mist

Exhibited at Almakan gallery, curated by Visual Therapy. Kuwait City, Kuwait. 2015

This photography series is part of "Projections: Searching"

2014_12_mask By Skount.jpg

Today’s society is presented as a cloud of dense information, which we receive and accumulate unconsciously. All the information is stored in the subconscious making us play a certain role, drawn by the canons established by the society around us.

In this case, we are transforming our nature in the primitive sense of the word and creating a more socially acceptable identity, hiding our desires, emotions and hidden feelings. Thus establishing, as our true fictional relationships, inner remains hidden behind a metaphorical mask, allowing us to take on a certain role, encouraging adaption and integration to the environment around us.

As a result, we establish fuzzy relationships that could compare well with the fog; a haze of orders established by the “civilized” society, that we couldn’t see beyond the surface of an ethereal relationship.

Gicleé print on 310gr Fine art paper

Edition of 5 + 1AP of each piece. Photo size 40,5 x 63,5. Paper size 50 x 70 cm

Masks, styling and photo by Skount

Models: Marta Garcia and Migui Tejada

2014_12_mask1 by Skount.jpg
2014_12_mask3a by Skount.jpg
2014_12_mask6 by skount.jpg
Sin-título-1 by Skount.jpg
2014_12_mask8 by Skount.jpg
2014_12_mask10 by by Skount.jpg
2014_12_mask12a by Skount.jpg