Kassel. Germany. 2018

280 square meters floor painting.

Curated by Kolorcubes


2018_08_color-swimming-pool_A By Skount.jpg

Inspired by landscapes, natural forms, patterns, elements and the nature spiral growth, of places Skount has been visiting recently. He painted this abstraction, mixing organic colorful forms tackle by systematic lines as duologue between the wild and fluid forms of the nature, and the strict and linear forms created by the humans.

Also this painting is created as a respite of the grey urban environment of the city, bringing some fresh colors to their population, like a refreshing Swimming pool in the middle of a concrete desert.

Project supported by Keep it Fresh projects.

a by skount.jpg
2018_08_color-swimming-pool_E by Skount.jpg
2018_08_color-swimming-pool_J by Skount.jpg
2018_08_color-swimming-pool_C by Skount.jpg
2018_08_color-swimming-pool_F by Skount.jpg
2018_08_color-swimming-pool_N By Skount.jpg
2018_08_color-swimming-pool_P By Skount.jpg
2018_08_color-swimming-pool_Q by Skount.jpg
2018_08_color-swimming-pool_R By Skount.jpg
2018_08_color-swimming-pool_S By Skount.jpg
2018_08_color-swimming-pool_K By Skount.jpg
Sin-título-1 By Skount.jpg