Almagro, Spain. 2014


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Mural inspired by Spanish conqueror Diego de Almagro (Almagro, Spain, 1475 - Cuzco, Peru, 1538), who participated in the conquest of Peru and is officially considered the discoverer of Chile and also the first European to reach the current territory of Bolivia.

Having a dark childhood and because of being an unwanted child, he took the name of Almagro. With the age of 29 he arrived the "New World" in the age of 29, looking to save his honor, being explorer and one of the first Europeans to have a child with a native Indian.

He later received the title of captain and participated in the conquest of Peru Alongside Pizarro having to distribute treasures, which caused friction between Them, and Almagro was devoted thereafter to the exploration of the southern territories of the Inca Empire, in the current Chile, to the Aconcagua valley. In 1535, Emperor Charles I rewarded with the governorship of New Toledo, south of Peru, and the title of advance in the lands beyond Lake Titicaca. 

On his return to Peru, in 1537, Almagro occupied the city of Cuzco, considering that belonged to his rule.This sparked a bloody clash between Almagro and Pizarro ended with the victory of the Pizarro brothers in the battle of Salinas, in April 1538. Made prisoner, Almagro was executed in July of that year.

This historic character is a clear example of how the human being in search of better life, new experiences and knowledge, can become corrupted by power and greed, causing death and even attract own death.

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