Amsterdam, Netherlands. 2018

Mural painted for "Keep It Fresh Projects"


This mural represents the eternal inner battle in the search for beauty, perfection, harmony and wisdom. A constant struggle of thought to find balance in ourselves.

The characters are illustrated in the form of a triangle. Plato states in the Timaeus that the equilateral triangle symbolizes harmony, divinity and proportion. And human is represented by the division in two of that equilateral, becoming a right triangle. Their task is to recover that "lost" part through a return, evolutionary transit, and to restore the lost equilibrium to the end of the road.

In turn these characters are backed by a golden circle as a symbol of the perfect and immutable, without beginning or end, thus representing harmony and eternity. A constant cycle of steps towards inner perfection and the harmony of the spirit as one progresses from one stage to the other, until reaching enlightenment.

2018-08_mind-wrestling_E by Skount.jpg
2018-08_mind-wrestling_C by Skount.jpg
2018-08_mind-wrestling_B by Skount.jpg